Competencies for Life: What you could get out of the project

Competencies for Life: What you could get out of the project

Available at no cost to you:

  • An extensive set of more than 390 activities for thesystem image development of six key competencies. They are applied to specific grammar and/or secondary school subjects, e.g., math, history, Czech language, and PT classes; each set contains a Teacher’s Manual, Worksheets, and Diagnostic Sheets.
  • Interactive video programmes on DVD, recorded at actual schools.
  • Access to an electronic Activities Database; it has a comprehensive search engine (categories, school grade/age group, subjects, competencies). The database is being continuously updated, with new activities added to it.
  • Tips on how to make a lesson more attractive for students – modern trends in education, interactive techniques, change of learning styles, etc.
  • Workshops giving you practical experience in soft skills development
  • Experience shared with colleagues – solving specific issues of the teaching process.

We also offer

  • materials that you will be delighted to use in your lessons;
  • two days workshop for the development of competencies of your choosing;
  • free event in pleasant surroundings, incl. refreshments and lunch;
  • a small practical souvenir.

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