Competencies for Life Project

Competencies for Life Project

This project started in the autumn of 2010, and is focused onsystem image developing the soft skills of students and teachers in seven regions of the Czech Republic. Within this project, teachers

will be provided with a complete methodology to developing six key competencies of pupils, including original educational video programmes recorded in the Czech school environment.

The project has been realised in co-operation with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports; it is co-financed by the European Social Fund via the operational programme Education for Competitiveness,

and the Czech government.

In this section, you will learn

  • what the reason was for setting up the Competencies for Life project;
  • what the project's aim is;
  • towards whom this project is geared;
  • in which regions of the Czech Republic is the project up and running;
  • how the project works and what is going on in it;
  • when the project started, what stages it would go through, and when it should officially finish;
  • who the project managers are, and their contact details.


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